Friday, August 13, 2010

Third Blog....(^0^)

Hello's my third blog today... well, suppose to be updated yesterday, but suddenly don't have the mood to share... so, I'M HERE NOW... please forgive for my Hiaosm...hahahahahaha!!!

today, nothing special... but i want to share what i had done yesterday...XD

yesterday, i brought my camera to my school... well, it's really break the school rules... (sorry ah~~)

but as long as i didn't do anything that is immoral or something that is degrading me or my school, i'm still ok, right?

so, the 1st picture i took yesterday is the morning view...
beautiful?? for me it is...XD

then, the following photos were taken during my biology subject...XD (don't blame me ah, it's free time at that time)

this is when we are writing the Dichotomus Key on the whiteboard...

the two girls behind me is my classmates: Ms Chua and Ms Catherine

and this is my another classmate: Mr's quite low quality of photo, is it??

well, this photo is taken after you can see here, there are 5 students in this photo...
and they are my classmates...and that is the number of students of 2 classes: 6BS1 and 6BS2
4 from 6BS1 n 2 from poor is that number of science stream's students...hahahahahah!!!

and this is a photo of me and my classamates...XD

so let me introduce my classmates
Me, Mr Aubrey, Ms Chua and Ms Catherine (we are taking biology subject)

Mr David, Mr Cyprian (both of them are taking physic subject)

well, i still have couples of photos, but i decided not to share at here...XD

so, that's the only things that i want to share today... hahahahahah!!! good night, Earth...

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