Friday, October 22, 2010

Halo~~~what a boring and exhausting day...

now, i'm doing my Math homeworks...damn so many questions......

meanwhile, i'm listening my favourite SNSD's songs...XD

it's really relieves my stressfulness....

and by the way, i also having FB and Tweeting besides blogging at here...>.<


Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's 10102010!!!

Hello everyone!!! It has been a long time i didn't update my blog...

And yes, today is 10/10/2010!! What a special date for this year... Also, it's my best friend's birthday, that is Irene Luku!!
Wish her:
Happy birthday
Selamat hari jadi
생일 축하

see, got cake eh...XD
well, this cake doesn't for Irene, but for Jesie as well...let's wish her again..(sorry ah, late present)
Happy birthday
Selamat hari jadi
생일 축하
told you, it's for 2 person..XD
wish The Kong Sister will always have a happy day at KL there,always helping each other and caring each other...Don't cry ah...XD (still got present de...wait you back ah~~)

Other than that, i also want to update this blog with my previous activity...
this is during Stevie and Vivien just back from Miri..We having a High song at M-box(6/9/2010)
see, i go to KL lar...hahahahahahah!!!! but it's a bintulu...

yeah, this is 3 of us (Stevie, Vivien and myself) going to Parkcity after been 放飞机 from some people to watch movie....XD (8/9/2010)

These 3 photos are taken during Mooncake Festival..It's a sad news because I celebrate it alone...=.=lll (22/9/2010)

this photo is taken for the farewell of Raymond and Joseph as they are pursuing their studies...and we saw Colin's boyfriend as well...XD

and these 2 photos were taken when our school having Sukantara 5-6/10/2010

that's all from me today...well, finally, 10/10/2010 still a special day for me, because i am recovered from my sick...XD