Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Sunday of August...

yo,'s SUNDAY!!!!

well, it's a happy and sad sunday... Why??

this is because my best friends, Chyan is going to leave Bintulu to pursue his study in Swinburne, University of Techonology which located in Kuching...

it's quite sad that people is leaving one by one... but i feel happy for them that they are chasing for their dreams...and i always can visits them if i can, they are not far from me, because they just around Malaysia bah~~XD

since this morning, i'm just sitting in front of computer and doing my homeworks...

this is a photo that i take just now...see, Mathematics...XD
some questions are difficult...>n<

yeah, this is my Hiaosm again...XD

after i took the photos, my junior friend, Nelson gave my a link of a trailer..well, for me, it's a good movie..the movie named "The Legend of the Guardians"... you guys should watch the trailer...XD

that's from me right now, i need to do my homework 1st...later i'm going to go to play badminton~~XD

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