Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Independence Day!!!!!

Happy birthday to Malaysia!!!!!!

well, quite boring right now...because now i'm blogging, facebook-ing, homework-ing n maple-ing...nothing to do liao...XD

so now, i'm going to share with you on what i have done yesterday!!

yesterday at school, we have a special assembly for the celebration of the Independence Day...after that, we have our experiment to observe the Zea Mays leaf and Helianthus leaf...

well, i have taken a few picture throught the microscope...
see, how pro is my skill...XD
how amazing is these microorganisms...XD

well, then we received new member in our class....her name is Fanny...XD
Fanny is a fan, a big fan..well, when she "talks", we feel refreshing...XD
after that, we end our class earlier to have lunch...then, Hiaosm comes again...then, here it comes..
 our class member again, but not with Fanny...XD
then,there is a cat lying at there, not dying..^^

well, that's the fun time at school...and that's all from me right now..i'm just want to go out, but i have no idea to go where..XD bye~~