Sunday, August 22, 2010

hi!!!! it's a new monday~~XD

Hi to the world once again!!! hahahahahahahah!!!

today, i feel tired...because it is a exam week, but it just a week...XD

well, today we have Chemistry and Pengajian Am paper 2...and i didn't perform well in Chemistry...just hoping that i will pass...XD

by the way, i want to share to all on the activity that my friend and i carried out last few days...XD

on last wednesday,which is on 18/8/2010, we had an alumni, but it just 5 people...XD
we have Lilin, Aboy, Raymond,Wei Chung and of course the organizer, LeoZ...^^
then, we have lots of talk and chit-chat at there....but less photo-taking...^o^
there are so many things that we have talked about...well, it's kind of secrets at there...only 5 of us will know...XD

see, this is lilin and raymond...(under my professional skill)

photo under my professional skills as guys no need to know what thing behind liyin...XD

then, me and lilin are went to After3 to have lunch on 20/8/2010,which is on friday...then my Hiaosm comes again liao..XD
dunno why i want to take that photo...

after that on saturday(21/8/2010), i went to school to do the flag of Malaysia...well, our class just only 6 people, must go for that activity...XD
let me introduce this's a present from lilin, which supposed to give me few months ago..
well, You're welcome,lilin...XD

then this is taken while waiting for Aubrey and Cyprian to buy the materials...

well, both of them still havent come yet, so me, Catherine and Su Ping decided to go to canteen 1st..
look what i have took, it's 10 dolls you can see there, it's about Malaysia's ethnic..i wonder how expensive they are...

yeah, this is taken while we were on our way to canteen...XD

this is a Cat...hahahahaahaha!!!

then, after Aubrey and Cyprian reached the school canteen, we started our "project"..
but before that, we have played some games...
as you can see the photo below, you need to take 1 brush in order to form a 4 triangle..

well, nobodys know that...then the answer is~~~~

well, those were taken when we were doing the flag...and the last photo is about the students from other form 6 class...XD

then, whole process takes up bout 6 hours to complete the flag...see, how big is our Love to Malaysia...say Peace!!!XD
yeah, we do have fun during that flag-making process though it's tiring....XD

IN CONCLUSION, that's all from me today...i'm going to watch Heroes right now...bloggin's soon..^^

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