Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hi!! this is my 1st blog... 8/8/10

Hello!! This is me, Leoz Lim...XD
today is my 1st day having a blog...actually, i've created the account, it just that i want to choose a good date, i mean a memorable TODAY!!!! hahahahaha^^ many things happened today... 

1st of all, should i introduce myself? XD
well, nothing about me actually...but i'll introduce using resume-liked...

Name: Lim Yong Hui
Nickname: Leoz, Lim, YongHui, Ah Hui, MuiMui (this one is for certain people only..XD)
Age: 18 for year 2010
Birthdate: 7 April 1992 
Blood type: Dont know yet, because havent tested yet..
Hometown: Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia, Asia, Earth

Anything else?
Maybe no liao...XD

well, today, my sister, my mom n me together with my niece going around to ParkCity Mall...bought lot's of thingy...then on the way going back home, i'm starting to thinking of what should i share in here...then suddenly my "Hiaosm" make me felt that i must take a picture...after several trials of taking picture, then i have chose this picture to introduce myself...check it out...XD

Ugly ho? well, cant deny on that, but it's true bah~~ hahahahah!!!

after that, going home, then play computer games (Garena, Plants vs Zombie)...XD

then, about 7.00pm++ , went to visit my sister where she is under confinement (坐月子) for more than a week liao...XD

then i take another pictures of my new-born nephew, named Jaydon , if i'm not mistaken..hahahahahah!!!

this 1st picture is my niece, Leticia and my nephew, Jaydon.
then 2nd picture is me and Jaydon...can you imagine how small is his head? XD
the 3rd and the 4th picture is Jaydon's picture...

well, that's all for today.... if possible, will update tomorrow...XD

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