Saturday, May 19, 2012

She's The One For The Moment "520"

To All who wonders and wanders:

On the end of May,
 Newcomers arrived with different expression.
I'm still the one, full with curiosity that kills the cats, 
Looking everything for fun.
Saw everyone, with different hair types.
But I remembered one the most: long with wavy and curly hair.
Didn't saw the face, only the figure line the back.

It was a very very someday of June, (somehow I forgot whether it's June or July)
Things suddenly went very funny,
Everyone is laughing at the name.
"Wong Fei Hong", "Kui Fei Long"
Hei Fei Long Hong etc etc.
But somehow we don't know who she is.
And I'm only remembered that there's a long curly and wavy hair girl.

"Could it be her?"
I asked.

"Yes, it's her, indeed."
He replied.

It was still nothing at that time,
until I saw her again,
where I was always been there,
for 7 years.

Finally, I saw her.
The funny name jokes,
The stories about her,
The long wavy and curly hair girl.
"It's her."

Well, she's just a simple girl,
simple as having a simple life,
simple as on her appearance,
simple as a normal girl that passing by.

But the weird things happened,
I'm still remember her,
I saw something different from her.
She's normal for everyone but it just different for me.
Kept thinking here and there.
But I just ignore it.

Days to days,
Weeks to weeks,
We still the same,
having the same jokes,
having our life fun and chilled.
I felt something different about me towards her.
She Is Something To Me.

Since that moment,
She gets into my life.
I kept thinking of her,
For no reason.

One day at the end of July,
I've found her through a social networking website.
I can't believe it, but I was so happy.
So, I added her as friend, without thinking any circumstances.
It's not a fault right?
And yes,
She approved me to be her friend.
Making me so happy again.

It was a midnight Saturday,
but she's there.
So I'm making my first step to chat with her.
I admit that I am not a talkative when chatting with unknown people.
So I was so scared and worried,
that our conversation ended fast and with awkward moments.
Yet, our conversation was just good to me,
I'm satisfied with it,
since it lasted longer than I thought.

Again, I'm very happy and shared my "happiness" to my brothers,
"Happiness" where I put a new special person in my heart,
"Happiness" where I appreciated and saved another moments in my memory,
"Happiness" where I was never felt it for a long time since few years back.

Since then, 
I became her friend,
Chatting with her when we're free.
Teaching each other on life,
Getting better with each other.

Everything she done to me,
Everything she said to me,
Every moments we have,
Buried deep within my heart.
Making me "syok" myself, 
It still fun,
It still warming, 
It still meaningful,
It still exciting.
It's one-sided love.

Well, that's what I want to share today, since it's 520 day.
Happy Day Earth! =D