Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Friendship Day!!

Happy Belated Friendship Day!!
It's belated because in this year,
Friendship Day is held on 4th August 2013.
And the day I'm writing my blog now,
Is 5th August 2013.

Here's the big deal of the day.
A present for Friendship Day.
What present?

A mash-up song consists of 3 songs.
Count On Me,
Stand By Me

Not only that, 
I perform with an ukulele.
Thanks to Joshua.

Managed to perform it after 12 days of practise.
Practically less than that,
Because I don't practise it all the time.
It only took me around 15-20 minutes,
To strum and fret the ukulele,
And to sing along.

For me,
Although my vocal still need A LOT of improvements,
But I'm still happy with the result.
It was a BIG achievement in my life.
Play a ukulele and sing along,
It was some part of my dreams somehow.
Wasn't achieving your dream make you happy?
That's what I'm thinking now.
And probably a surprise present for my besties.
Hoping they enjoy it.

Don't bother about the vocal,
Just enjoy the song.
It's quite meaningful to me,
But I don't know how about others.
I just want to say that 
I'm very proud to have these friends,
I'm very happy to have them by my side.

I'm done for today.
Happy Friendship Day!!!

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