Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today's mood~~

Sorry to my friends, as I update my blog for a long time....

right before my final year examination on 28 October 2010, I have paused my blogging...XD

well, during my exam week (28/10/2010-4/11/2010), I have suffered from exam stress... memorizing Biology's notes, Chemistry formula, Mathematics' formula etc etc....
P/S: during Biology Paper 2, I've memorized Girls' Generation aka SNSD's Hoot chorus part....>.<
The "Hoot" song was so nice and cool...until today, I still addict to it...XD

Right after my exam week, I have attended Majlis Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang on 6/11/2010...I also attended for it's rehearsal on 5/11/2010...nothing happened on the rehearsal day, it just a boring day...
see, too boring already...

but, on 6/11/2010, i felt so excited to meet my former 5s1 classmates...although they just a few of them, but it satisfied me...they came to the ceremony is to get their incentive as their EXCELLENT and WELL DONE result in SPM...well, I'm also included in the list...HAHAHAHAA!!!

it was a great morning because we have chatted a lot of things in the past few months...
 see, this is a photo of me, Dee Marie and Michelle..
and this is US...XD
my award in form of coupon~~
and my award in forms of cup~

By the way, in that ceremony, I have received 5 awards: First in class, First in Lower Six Science, Best in Biology, Best in Mathematics and 7A's in SPM...well, the first 4 award is according to our Topical Test on's not that official test, but it is a good incentive for me, because it shows that i able to adapt Form 6 life in short time...^^

then, at night of that day, I have join the Jamuan Akhir Tahun Koperasi SMK Kidurong Berhad in Everly Hotel..I join the dinner because I am one of the "salesman"...

nothing happened, it just that the food is delectable and delicious...and we've played so many fun things,like teasing and taking photos...
this is the menu on that day~sounds good huh?? ^^
the family of Koperasi SMK Kidurong~~
my professional photo-taking skill...LOL!!!

then, on 12/11/2010, Biology class continued our biology project....quite enjoyed with the process...XD
 Aubrey is digging the soil~~
 to determine the soil texture~~
 to determine the water content~~
 to determine the pH value of soil~~
cooling the soil in desiccator after heated in oven~~

well, that day was exhausted, because we have to stay until evening to do our experiment...
on 13/11/2010, we still need to come to the school to continue our experiment as some of the experiment had to be done by days...
 see, cooling again in desiccator~~
the result of the pH value~~

then at evening, me, aboy aka Joseph, Cindy and Colin were meet up in Parkcity was called small limteh actually, as aboy was came back to attend the 10th anniversary of Chinese Club on sunday(14/11/2010)...during in mall, me and aboy have bought hair dye our hair~~XD
 this is 4 of us limteh in Tenson Bubble Tea~~

it was quite fun and enjoyable evening...then, me, cindy n aboy together with cindy's sister and friend went to San Fransisco Cafe to taste it's drinks and cakes...the price was so "low"~~ well, it was a fun experience too~~XD

 these are iced-cappuccino... the taste was so unpredictable~~^^
 then this is aboy's milk...hahahahah!!!!

that day was another busy day...but I felt happy too...XD

on 15/11/2010, we still rushed for our biology experiments, as we have told that our school holiday was to was a happy and sad news....I felt happy because the holiday was to early, and sad because the experiments were not done yet and we still need go to school during holiday to complete the experiment...
cooling again~~
  our class phto~~XD
 wa~~so just the burning of magnesium ribbon~XD
the result of soil texture...

then, on 18/11/2010, which is on holiday day, we went to school to complete our biology experiment..on that day, we need to determine the organism that is present in soil...and we have discovered something under microscope, but we don't know what was those thing...

 contact lens??
 animal cell??
 spirogyra sp??
a cell??

right after Mr. Yong came to find us, he said that those are not cells... instead, those are dirts~~hahahah!!!

then, at night, our Hiaosm Gang were spammed a lot in our chatroom~~XD 
that have become secret between us...^^

on 19/11/2010, our Biology class, again meet up to go to library to search info about's quite tiring because we have to spend time to look the books related to the soil, then search the info inside the book...and we need to have 10 references in order to complete our project...
when the library was closed during 11.30am till 2.45pm, we have spent time playing in Summertea....

 playing Wise Toy~~
 so high~~XD
 in Aubrey's car~~~
 walking back to library~~
done with searching, waiting to go back to home~~

that day was a tiring day also..

and today, nothing special just that i have to think on how to write this blog and choose photos to be added in this blog~~XD (P/S: waiting Sushi King's reply whether I am accepted to work at there..but until now, nobody called me...T.T)

well, that's all from me today...

Be Happy Always, people around me~~XD

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